Melton Hill Engagement Photos in Knoxville

Fun and Sweet Engagement Photos at Melton Hill in Knoxville, TN

Kirby and David met at a Tennessee football game and they have been adventuring together ever since. When I first met Kirby to talk about their Knoxville wedding, I immediately knew their wedding day was going to be special just from the way Kirby talked about her soon to be groom. Kirby and David’s love for each other took front and center during their Melton Hill Engagement session and it was the sweetest thing and such an honor to capture their engagement season.

All About Engagement Photos at Melton Hill

As a professional Knoxville Wedding Photographer, my brides are always asking me where they should take their engagement photos at. When you live right next to a National Park, I feel like there are endless options for professional engagement photos; however, if you’re looking for a spot located inside Knoxville with easy access, great parking and beautiful backdrops for professional photos, Melton Hill is always one of the best options.

Melton Hill is a very popular spot in Knoxville, Tennessee for engagement photos. You really get a little bit of everything with a Melton Hill engagement photo session. It’s such a beautiful location that provides a large variety of backdrops for pictures. It has many different types of foliage, open fields, tall grass, paths, woods, big beautiful trees, and it is on the lake. You also get all of that beauty with not a lot of walking, everything is packed in together. The main thing to consider when choosing a Melton Hill engagement is the day and time that you schedule your session for. Since it is a popular engagement session location, you will often run into many others getting their professional engagement photos taken depending on when you choose to go. Sunset is one of the more popular times for a Melton Hill engagement session.

Want to take your professional engagement photos at Melton Hill or learn more about a Melton Hill engagement? Contact me, Knoxville Wedding Photographer, to discuss the details, get my expert opinion and ultimately to capture your intimate moments. Lets make some magic together <3