Utah Elopement

We took a road trip from the top of Utah all the way to Arizona and I’m telling you, the vast amount of varying landscapes in Utah will blow your mind. You can find everything from the desert to canyons to giant red rocks to hoodoos to forests to breathtaking views to lakes to sand dunes and really the list goes on.

There are FIVE National Parks in Utah. All offering their own unique beauty. We saw all five in a matter of two weeks and right in the middle of it we shot at this beautiful overlook at Zion National Park. We hiked up this trail before sunrise and captured a little bit of blue hour magic and it felt like actual magic.

Depending on where you are from, choosing to elope in Utah may add an extra oomph of magic. Utah is more than likely unlike any other landscape you’ve ever seen in your life. Choosing such a drastic scenery change from the norm can automatically add that extra magic that just keeps you in awe.

Want to elope amidst the giant red rocks or learn more about adventurous elopements in Utah? Contact me, Adventure Elopement Photographer, to discuss the details, get my expert opinion and ultimately to capture your intimate moments. Lets adventure together <3