Elopement on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville

Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement near Asheville at Sunset

I am completely obsessed with this mountain elopement near Asheville on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Olivia and Cole’s elopement was actually supposed to be on a different mountain several hours away from this mountain; however, on the day of, it was storming at the original location. To be honest, we were all a little thankful that it was because the evening turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorite things as an adventure elopement photographer is the ability for change and the never ending beautiful places to venture to for beautiful moments like promising forever to your person.

As we were making our tiny trek up the mountain to the ceremony location, it started sprinkling just ever so slightly but as we kept climbing and reached the top, the sun came out and we were blessed with gorgeous weather. It was pretty windy but we were just thankful that it wasn’t storming! It truly speaks to me on an entirely different level when a couple just embraces what’s happening and their whole focus is to just experience the day as it comes and marry their best friend.

Here are some things to know when considering a mountain elopement:

  • The weather can be unpredictable on a mountain. There will almost always be some wind, sometimes a lot of wind! Your hair will blow, embrace it! If you want every hair in place for your photos, eloping on a mountain may not be your best option. It may sprinkle or it may come a downpour. Be prepared for that. Don’t let it ruin your day! Make sure you have umbrellas just in case. These clear dome umbrellas are the perfect elopement accessory.
  • There is likely a hike to reach the beautiful overlooks and mountaintop areas that you see in photos. If you have grandparents or anyone who is physically disabled, it may be difficult for them to attend a mountaintop elopement. In addition, consider your shoes!
  • Your dress will get dirty, no questions asked. Mud, dirt, leaves… nothing is ever really super out of the question when climbing a mountain and loving all over your person at the top.

This particular location off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville doesn’t require any permits for a wedding which makes it an awesome location to choose for your adventurous elopement in North Carolina. Olivia and Cole chose to have their ceremony at the top but the mountain is surrounded by a forest giving you the option for a woodsy ceremony as well.