Our philosophy values real, simple moments and honest connection. The heart of our work is storytelling and documentation. Our experiences and beliefs shape our approach. 

We are husband and wife.
We believe that marriage is holy and sacred. We have walked through a multitude of life experiences side by side, hand in hand. Documenting a wedding isn't just about capturing one day for us - we're celebrating the day with you but we're looking beyond the day. With each moment we document, we're envisioning the nostalgia you'll experience in five, ten or fifty years when you look back on your photographs. 

We are mom and dad.

We are believers.

We want to honor the marriage you are building by telling your story through artful photographs that focus on genuine connection, togetherness, vulnerability, interaction, imperfections, the messy, and the beautiful. Life is full of silly, mundane, everyday moments.

Hi, we're Tiff + Caleb.

We are knoxville wedding and family photographers.

Visiting national parks, exploring new cities, hiking, just taking in creation



We love trying food in every city we visit. Tiff tries biscuits and gravy in every city we visit. So far, none have lived up to Knoxville.


We are both followers of Jesus and very passionate about our faith.

New Girl Quotes

If you know, you know.


Caleb is seriously a dog whisperer and would pet every single dog ever if he could.

Some of our Fave Things