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Remove all Expectations

It is always our intention to become your friends, to truly invest ourselves in your story. We take the time to know you and to understand your relationship, your family, your kids, and your story before we ever point a camera at you. Think of us like that best friend that is always just there or the aunt that gives your kids candy all the time. Getting comfortable with each other is what allows us to capture those moments that are TRULY you and tell your story in a way that a "look at me and smile" moment just never can or will.

You don't have to come in knowing how to pose or what to do... it just causes you undue stress and takes away from the experience for you. If you come in just ready to love on your people, laugh (a lot) and fall in love just a little deeper with your people... that's all you need.

of what working with a professional photographer looks like and even for yourselves.

Let's capture memories and emotions

The most magical thing to be captured is your connection with each other, with your kids and their connections to each other. The photos that you'll cherish are the ones taken when you just let yourselves be in the moment together. When we turn the music up and you get so lost in the moments that it feels like you're the only people on earth... When you look into your baby's eyes and see your future right in front of you an... That's the magic.

that tell your story and capture your unique connections.

How do we get there?

Trust + Friendship

let's be honest... there are a lot of people who can point a camera at you but not everyone can make you forget they are. not everyone can truly capture your connection and intimacy with each other. the magic happens when we are comfortable with each other and you know you can trust us.


Something we have learned over the years is that intimacy looks different for everyone. Tapping into that connection between you, your boo, and your kids and capturing your intimacy... what speaks to you as parents (and as a couple) is where the real magic happens. This requires some vulnerability but that often comes naturally in the process of working with us. We want to capture the unique relationship your family has together from your tears to your laughs to your awkwardness and all the way to those really close no one else exists in this moment moments.

No. 3


From the very first moment you contact us, we are invested in your family. We want to know all about you, where it all began, where it's at now... We want to know what you love, what you hate, if your little boy is convinced he is a dinosaur, and what you like to do in your spare time. It is so important to us for us to get to know each other! Our best work always comes when we've taken the time to talk and share way before we point a camera at you.

No. 1


There's something special about adventuring with the people you love. We very often find ourselves venturing to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Every time we are just in awe of creation. Adventuring to beautiful places always brings out emotion and intimacy in a way that we are always down for. You just can't replicate the epic feelings and emotions you will experience when you're standing on a mountaintop holding the people you love.

No. 2


The photos that take you back instantly and remind you exactly how you were feeling in a moment are the photos you will cherish forever. The small moments that will happen without you even realizing it are often the ones that come so naturally to you that you don't even realize you want them captured. When you are investing in photography, you're investing in your memories. We want you to be able to relive these moments over and over for decades to come.

No. 4

Tiff was so genuine and easy to work with. Her organization beforehand made us feel very calm about the whole thing - even through all the turmoil of COVID-19! During the session, she was so relaxed and willing to work around us and let us be ourselves. She was very self-assured and confident, and we were never wondering what we should be doing. She directed us without us feeling like we were being directed. Such a wonderful experience, and we're SO EXCITED for the wedding!! :-) Thank you Tiff!!!

meghann r.

Y'all. Tiff is NOTHING but loving and encouraging. She has been kind to us since day one. Not to mention her work is FANTASTIC. She rocked our wedding day, capturing my entire vision I had for my wedding photos. She knew exactly what she was doing and made all of us feel like naturals in front of the camera. NOT TO MENTION SHE WAS DOING ALL OF THIS IN THE MIDST OF THE pandemic!! We had our wedding right before the stay at home order was set in place and she took all precautions to make sure we were all safe. She remained faithful through the entire process. I cannot recommend her enough. If you want a photographer that genuinely CARES about you- choose Tiff.

sydney r.

I can't say enough good things about Tiff and her husband!! My husband and I eloped on top of a mountain with just the two of us and our officiant, and Tiff went above and beyond to make sure our day was perfect. In addition to being a phenomenal photographer, she was essentially my unpaid wedding planner. Tiff painstakingly went over every last detail of the day with me and was so always responsive and kind -- even when I was freaking out at 10:30 pm. 

Tiff has the gift of making everyone around her feel comfortable and special. From the moment she and her husband arrived, it felt like two more friends had joined the party. She was also AMAZING at capturing the most important part of our wedding: the emotions. Our photos showed every facet of our relationship, from us being weird and goofy with our puppy (that she let us take along for the ride) to some super romantic shots that look magazine-worthy. 

We will definitely be using her again in the future!

madeleine g.

Tiff was a great photographer for our wedding. She made our wedding day fun and dreamy. She made me and my husband feel comfortable. Everyone had nothing but kind words to say about her. She has a warm and caring personality and truly valued our wedding day and what we wanted. I am so thankful for the pictures we have to look back on together and hang in our house. WE LOVE TIFF!

matt s.

Tiff Kennedy is the absolute BEST! She did our engagement and wedding photos! She played music during our engagement session and made everything feel so natural. It felt like we were hanging out with a friend. Our wedding day was full of so much joy, and Tiff captured every bit of it! All of our friends and family were blown away at how quick we got our photos back and the quality of them all! We were blown away by the details in every single picture. She helped create a timeline prior to our wedding that made me feel even more at ease about our day! We all had so much fun while we were taking pictures - she had us genuinely laughing. We took pictures popping champagne; that is a memory I will never forget! I cannot get over how perfect our pictures are! After our wedding, my husband and I were talking about the details of our wedding. We both felt like Tiff is someone who truly LOVES her job. It’s so fun to watch her light up with ideas as she’s taking your pictures. I cannot wait to use her again for family photos! Okay, now seriously, go book Tiff Kennedy.

ashley m.

Tiff is our go-to photographer for every occasion in our life. From our engagement to wedding to graduation to just a Saturday morning, Tiff has captured memories that we will hold onto forever. She takes the awkwardness out of awkward photos and brings energy to photoshoots. She is super efficient and extremely organized. Don’t worry if you don’t know many poses because she will tell you exactly what to do. I recommend her to anyone asking for a Knoxville photographer and after working with her, you will too.

amy t.

My husband and I are from Louisiana and eloped in TN. I was so nervous about which photographer to hire because I couldn't meet them prior to the wedding. I'm so glad I found Tiff! She is very detail oriented and obviously loves what she does. If you're reading all these reviews and wondering which photographer to go with, stop now and book Tiff! I promise you won't be disappointed. I have so many beautiful pictures of my favorite day that I will forever cherish. Thanks again Tiff!

rose c.

Our experience was hands down THE BEST photography session I've ever had. When meeting Tiff, my husband and I were so impressed by her outgoing and upbeat personality. She made us feel comfortable and made the session fun, which definitely reflects in our pictures! There was never a moment of feeling awkward or being unsure of what to do while in front of the camera. We are in love with every single picture, and are looking forward to Tiff capturing more memories for us in the future!

katie b.

I really cannot recommend Tiffani enough. She truly makes the pictures feel like a natural part of the whole wedding day. The prep work on the front end is crucial to making pictures with the bridal party/family go smoothly, and Tiffani does it best. For us, everything was practically effortless, and all of our pictures turned out amazing! I would say that Tiffani's best quality/skill is how well she captures the true feeling and emotion of the day itself in each and every photograph. If you're considering her for your special day, look no further.

daniel t.

Working with Tiffani is like having a very close friend who intimately knows the details of every part of your story photograph and display the intricacies of your love. She delights in romance and it is evident in her joy in the process *after* the shoot—working to make sure everything portrays the story you want told. I have worked with her several times and have loved each unique experience.

laura f.

Choosing Tiff is easily one of the best decisions we’ve made throughout the season of wedding planning. She has been SO helpful throughout the whole process. When she shot our engagement pictures we knew right away she was the perfect fit for us for us our wedding day. She is so down to earth, cheers you on the whole time and makes sure you truly look and feel your best. Her response time is unbeatable and she feels more like a friend than just a photographer. We love how much she loves LOVE and wants to capture all the small details. Tiff is incredible at what she does and it’s so comforting knowing you get to spend your biggest day with someone who truly has your best interest at heart!

august w.

Tiffani and her team are incredible! Tiffani captured our entire wedding day, and Tiffani and her team went above and beyond to capture absolutely everything we wanted. Tiffani provides incredible direction and creativity in every photo she takes. Tiffani was able to keep us on schedule and was very efficient throughout the entire day. She quickly gave us a large gallery of photos for our sneak peak, and she was able to deliver our entire gallery of photos in a very timely manner. Our final gallery was not only beautiful, but also incredibly organized, and she exceeded all of our expectations for the quantity and quality of our photos. She did not miss a thing during our wedding! I am amazed at the amount of detail, thoughtfulness, and creativity she put into our wedding gallery. I am beyond thankful that Tiffani and her team were the photographers at our wedding!

jenna l.

Due to covid we had to postpone our wedding. In attempts to get excited again we decided to do first look photos while in vacation. Tiffany made everything so seamless for an out of town guest from location even to assisting me find a makeup artist. Photos came out perfectly. I would recommend her and her husband to anyone.

devin s.

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