Asheville Elopement

Asheville Elopements on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Damla and Omar were supposed to have a big, grand wedding in Turkey but of course the ever so famous coronavirus curbed their plans. My favorite thing about Damla when we first started talking was that all she really cared about was getting to marry Omar.

As a professional Asheville elopement photographer, I helped Damla and Omar pick a location and get all the details in line. I love helping my couples plan for their elopement. It’s often said that your wedding photographer is basically a wedding planner and it is so true, especially in the case of eloping!

We picked a beautiful mountain location off the Blue Ridge Parkway near the Asheville, North Carolina area. This particular location is about a 1 mile hike up the mountain and towards the end it’s quite steep and can be strenuous (depending on your fitness level). This evening there was a lot of wind so Damla just let her hair down and we all just frolicked together over the mountaintop as the sun was setting.

The area is so big at the top that we were able to sneak off to ourselves on a little rock with a beautiful backdrop while they read their vows. We worked with them well into blue hour and every single moment was just magical.

Watch Damla + Omar’s elopement film by my better half, Caleb Kennedy Films, Asheville Elopement Videographer.


Eloping near Asheville gives you a ton of location options for elopements, most of them being mountaintops. This style of elopement is perfect for adventurous souls who are carefree! I say that because eloping on a mountain comes with things like unpredictable weather and a lot of wind! Another thing to be mindful of is that even in summer months, it can be fairly chilly up on a mountaintop paired with the wind. The last thing to remember is that your wedding dress will get dirty… we are hiking up a mountain after all. These are all things to consider when you are deciding on an elopement location or whether or not you want to elope! For brides, if it is important your hair isn’t wind-struck or that your dress doesn’t get dirty at all… you may not want to get married on a mountaintop.

The nature of a mountain elopement typically leans to a more intimate and smaller ceremony – sometimes even with no guests at all. If you want 100 people to attend your ceremony, this may be harder to accomplish on top of a mountain. One other thing, if you do have any family and friends attending your elopement… there are no bathrooms on a mountaintop!

I absolutely love mountaintop elopements but I always want my couples to know all the details and exactly what they are getting into when they choose an Asheville mountaintop elopement. Hiking to the top of a mountain for an elopement is my all time favorite and speaks so deeply to me. There’s not quite anything as beautiful as two people professing their love surrounded by the beauty of nature!

Want to elope in the mountains near Asheville or learn more about getting married on a mountaintop? Contact me, Asheville Elopement Photographer, to discuss the details, get my expert opinion and ultimately to capture your intimate moments. Lets trek the mountains together <3